Clients are welcome to accompany their pets in our exam room during their appointments.  Masks are not required.


“What should I feed my pet?” is arguably one of the most common questions we get as veterinary staff. The answer is complicated, and often depends on your pets’ age, lifestyle and current health status.  

Unfortunately, our pets have followed people in some of the negative health trends we’ve experienced over the past 30 years. 60% of cats and dogs are obese, and we know that excess pounds can mean a shorter lifespan, and a reduced quality of life. 

Diseases like cancer and diabetes are on the rise. Good nutrition has the potential to play a big role in reversing these trends, both in people and pets. 

Our goal is to improve or maintain good health, by feeding our dogs and cats optimally nutritious and species appropriate diets. We are happy to discuss what might be best for your pet, whether that might be Prescription food specially designed for medical issues like urinary crystals or kidney disease, homemade diets, or raw diets.  

Dr. Buxton has a keen interest in nutrition, and is also happy to guide you on using ketogenic diets and low carb diets for weight loss, or medical conditions like diabetes, seizures and cancer. 


My family has been fortunate enough to be long time clients of Dr Buxton, entrusting the care of all our four legged family members to her since we moved from Australia to Canada in 2002. Carolyn is a very skilled, experienced, caring and compassionate veterinarian, a consummate professional, and shows a true passion for what she does. She stays current with veterinary practice advancements, and is thorough, kind, and understanding – always taking the time to inform, and lay out all the diagnostic and treatment options available to our four legged family members when they are clearly not feeling well. She follows up on their treatment, making certain that her patients are responding as expected. She responds to any concerns, and ensures that our pets get the best care available. Her dedication to animal care is also displayed through her long term involvement with the Mexi-Can Vet Project – volunteering both her time and her skills to perform sterilization surgeries, and treat many other seriously ill patients during the 4 day-long free spay and neuter clinics in poor communities in the Jaltemaba Bay area on the west coast of Mexico – a charitable pet-related endeavour. Along with her participation in these free clinics, Carolyn regularly brings some of her Mexi-Can patients back with her to rehome these dogs in Canada. That, from my point of view, speaks volumes about Dr Buxton – her very clear love for what she does so well, and her obvious dedication to her clients and her profession.

- Diane H.

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