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“What should I feed my pet?” is arguably one of the most common questions we get as veterinary staff. The answer is complicated, and often depends on your pets’ age, lifestyle and current health status.  

Unfortunately, our pets have followed people in some of the negative health trends we’ve experienced over the past 30 years. 60% of cats and dogs are obese, and we know that excess pounds can mean a shorter lifespan, and a reduced quality of life. 

Diseases like cancer and diabetes are on the rise. Good nutrition has the potential to play a big role in reversing these trends, both in people and pets. 

Our goal is to improve or maintain good health, by feeding our dogs and cats optimally nutritious and species appropriate diets. We are happy to discuss what might be best for your pet, whether that might be Prescription food specially designed for medical issues like urinary crystals or kidney disease, homemade diets, or raw diets.  

Dr. Buxton has a keen interest in nutrition, and is also happy to guide you on using ketogenic diets and low carb diets for weight loss, or medical conditions like diabetes, seizures and cancer. 


Dr Buxton has been our family vet for over 25 years. Her commitment to her patients and their families is amazing. Her dedication to her profession is exemplified in her constant development of skills and knowledge regarding new techniques, tips and trends in dog care. Dr Buxton is a talented surgeon and I would not take my Norwegian elkhounds anywhere else.

- Donna S.

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