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Behaviour Management

Pets with behavioural problems pose a frustrating challenge for pet owners. We understand how hard it is to manage fearful or reactive pets, those with inappropriate urination behaviours or separation anxiety.  We can help! 

A behaviour consult starts with a questionnaire, followed by a thorough assessment and discussion. We have extensive knowledge of the use of natural therapies like diffusers, supplements and Dap collars, as well as the best drug therapies to support your pet, either short or long term.  We only use low-stress handling techniques and can teach you how to recognize what may be contributing to your pet’s unwanted behaviours. We will show you the most successful positive reward-based behaviour modification techniques to help enrich your pet’s life (and yours!).


Dr. Buxton has been my doggies’ doctor for several years. I have the utmost confidence in her veterinarian skills but, just as important, Dr. Buxton cares for the animals she treats and has terrific empathy for their ‘parents’. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

- Margaret F.

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